Meeting in February at library

The next meeting will be at the Beverly Public Library in the Program Room, 11 a.m. to 1 or so on Feb. 21. Mary Micceli is doing a program on epitaphs. Cheery! It’s sure to bring out a bit of droll humor.

Ellie and family 2
Ellie with three of her daughters and a niece.
Ellie and husband
Ellie and her husband, who married during the war.

Here’s hoping to see you then. And, if Ellie comes, we can all sing Happy Birthday to her, since she just had a lovely celebration to which I was very happy to attend. Here’s a couple of photos.

Meeting is in The Beverly Room

I made a mistake in my earlier post about the November 15th meeting. It will be in The Beverly Room, main floor of the library, on Saturday,11 a.m. There is no food or beverage allowed in this very special room. The reason for the change of venue is a book fair — big and wonderful. Bring some dollars to spend on some books before or after the meeting. And, be sure to bring some of your own poems to share, with copies for gentle critique.

A summer goodbye

Diane's party 7 outing 1 outing 2 outing 3 outing 4 outing 5 outing 6 outing 7 outing 8 outing 9

Goodbye Diane

The North Shore Poets’ Forum gathered this past June to wish a fond farewell to Diane Giardi, a wonderful poet and terrific person, with such a good heart and generous spirit. We will miss her.

Of course, we will keep in touch. She has moved to New York, not the ends of the earth. And, email is just a click away. We hope, as she states in her thank you note, that she will be able to come and visit sometimes.

From Diane:
“Thank you everyone for such a wonderful send-off yesterday, with the delicious meal
at Captain Carlos on the sunny deck and hill top poetry reading and photo shoot looking
over the harbor.  It was all great and I’ll miss such a wonderful group and your poems
and individuality.  Thanks Cathryn for planning this and I’ll keep in touch with maybe
a summer visit.  Enjoy the rest of the summer. ” -Diane
I’ve finally gathered the photos that members sent to me. I have no idea why WordPress presents them so oddly. But, enjoy!

Next meeting coming up

November 2, 2014, and it snowed. Big, fat, wet snow flakes fell all over my backyard and, I assume, although I didn’t go out to check, all over a whole lot of other back yards. I’ll bet one or two of you took the occasion of such an early snowfall to write a poem. And, maybe you will bring it to the next meeting of the North Shore Poets’ Forum on Saturday, Nov. 15, 11 a.m., in the Sohier Room of the Beverly Public Library.

This month Ray Whittier will present the program. I’m not sure what it will be, but I am sure it will be interesting. Everyone is asked to bring a treat for the food table. And, we will have gentle critique of member poems. Please bring 6 to 10 copies to share.

We did not have a meeting last month since we ran into issues at the library and because Mass State had scheduled its Poetry Day meeting the same day. That took precedence. Member Roberta Hung had a number of winning poems in the national contest. Congratulations, Roberta!

Please see under the Meetings tab for the rest of this year’s schedule. But, here’s a heads up: We will meet with Mass State on Dec. 6, 11 a.m., same place, lots of food and fun, for the annual Holiday Party.


Next meeting coming up

The North Shore Poets’ Forum will meet on Saturday, Sept. 20, in the Barnett Room of the Beverly Public Library, 11 a.m. to 1 ish. Because no food or beverage is allowed in this room, we won’t have any goodies this time. So sorry!

I found my notes from the last meeting, and it turns out I am the one responsible for the program this time. So, since I haven’t decided what it will be, you’ll just have to come to find out.  (Maybe poems about food?!)

My notes also state that Jeanette will present a program on Dorothy Parker in October. Again, we can’t have the Program Room, so no food again. And, we can’t have the Program Room or Barnett Room in November.

I think we should revisit where we meet. So, put your thinking caps on.

See you Saturday.

Summer Outing coming up

We are having a Summer Outing this year with a particular twist — to say goodbye to Diane Giardi, who is moving to New York to start a new chapter in her life. Because of her busy schedule, we are changing the date to the fourth Saturday, June 28. We’ll meet , at Captain Carlo’s in Gloucester, 27 Harbor Loop, at 11:30 a.m., when the restaurant opens. Bring some poetry!

I’ll post more information as the date nears. Please let me know if you can come, so that I can be sure to reserve a table for all of us.



Meeting on Saturday

Please join us for the last official meeting of the year at the Beverly Public Library, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We are supposed to bring either our own or a favorite poet’s poems about place. If you bring your own, please bring copies to share for gentle critique.

We will also be discussing elections and schedule for next year, as well as a summer outing.

AlamoIn any case, here’s a picture of the Alamo, which is a place, but I didn’t write about it! You, too, have been on vacation or on  a business trip here or there.

When looking for an existing poem about the Alamo, here’s something I found that I think says a lot about place.

Taovayo-Wichita Burial Eulogy

We are children of the earth, and as we go on a journey it means that we are like children crawling upon our mother, and as we exist upon the earth we are kept alive by her breath, the wind, and at the end of our time we are put in the ground in the bosom of our mother.

Now you have been made to contain all things, to produce all things, and for us to travel over.  Also we have been told to take care of everything which has come to your bosom, and we have been told that in your body everything should be buried.  I now come to bury this man.

From G.A. Dorsey, Mythology of the Wichita, 1904

I hope this has inspired you to look for other examples of poetry about place or to write something. See you on Saturday!